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July 22, 2015

How to Make Your Windows 7 Run Faster and Faster

How to make Windows 7 faster and faster? Here are some easy and free steps to make windows 7 faster and faster. I combined these methods from my experience and experiments which worked much better in improving windows 7 performance.  These following steps can be done by any Windows 7 user and not required third party or paid software and extra technical knowledge.

Network is a major factor of deciding a OS speed. Slowness in networking directly affect speed of Windows 7. There for I have added some tweaks to improve windows 7 network performance also.
Steps to Make Your Windows 7 Run Faster and Faster

Make Windows 7 Start up faster by removing unwanted programs and services from startup.

To do this type ‘ msconfig‘ in Run or Search box, go to Startup tab and uncheck programs and services not required during start up. The programs and services listed here start with Windows 7 every time so by removing them we can reduce Windows 7 startup time. Do not remove any necessary startup programs.
Make Windows 7 Faster

Increase Virtual Memory ( Paging File)

Windows 7 consumes more memory than Windows XP but lesser than Windows Vista. If you are a heavy computer user who open more programs and windows then you can increase Virtual Memory of Windows 7. Virtual memory works with physical memory ( RAM).  Hard disk space will be used as virtual memory to keep temporary information which very rarely use by programs and OS. By increasing Virtual memory in Windows 7 computer make sure programs and OS work smoothly.
Right Click on My Computer, select Properties. Go to Advanced tab and click on setting button under ‘Performance’.
Make Windows 7 FasterGo to Advanced tab in next window, press change button under virtual memory.
Here you can see the current virtual memory size. Virtual memory called ‘paging file’ also.
In next screen under custom size enter size you want to allocate for virtual memory (paging file). It depends on your hard disk size and physical memory.  Make sure it’s not less than system recommended size. Normally recommended paging file is 1.5 of physical RAM. In this example recommended size of virtual memory is 4605MB because my windows 7 RAM is 3GB. So, enter 4605MB in Initial size and Maximum Size fields.
Make Windows 7 Faster
Press Set button, you may need to restart computer.

Disable Visual Effects

Again if you are not an appearance lover of Windows 7 then disable visual effects. It will reduce the load on RAM and VGA.
In same settings tab under performance (mentioned in step 3), go to Visual effects and set for Adjust best performance.  It will bring all visual effects to very standard level, but to better performance.
Make Windows 7 Faster

Remove IPv6

Remove IPv6 from Windows 7 network adapter settings if it’s not required.  If you are not using IPv6 in internal or external networks then remove IPv6 to improve Windows 7 network performance.

Remove Unwanted Programs

Some time we install programs for testing purpose or for one time use only. You can uninstall these type of old and unwanted programs from windows 7 computer. Even though you are not using these programs but some services and system files of these programs load in Windows 7 all the time. By completely uninstalling these unwanted programs on your computer help to improve system performance.  Programs can be uninstalled from control panel.
Install Run Antivirus 

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Delete/Remove Temporary Files

1. Open the Start Menu

2. Search for Run and click.

Type %temp% and press Enter.

NOTE: This is a shortcut and opens the Temp folder.  

3. Delete all file and folder of this folder

1. Open the Start Menu

2. Search for Run and click.

Type temp and press Enter..

NOTE: This is a shortcut and opens the Temp folder.  

3. Delete all file and folder of this folder


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