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July 30, 2015

How to Disable Android TalkBack Mode

Have you ever found your Android smartphone to be talking back to you? If you have, chances are you’ve accidentally turned on a feature called Talkback. It’s easy enough to turn on, but tricky to figure out how to turn it off.

Talkback is an accessibility feature designed for the sight and hearing impaired, and it causes your phone to tell you what icons and buttons you’re pressing on the screen, vocally. We’ve all played around with the settings on our phones and turned things on and off, and usually it’s easy enough to revert your changes – not so with Talkback.

Now, to disable TalkBack mode, you need to make your way to "Accessibility" in the "Settings" and toggle TalkBack off. On my Galaxy S3, I can just hit the Menu hard button and double-tap on Settings, but I don't think the Tabs have a hard Menu button, so just head to the Settings as you normally would using two-finger swiping, long pressing to select, and double-tapping for enter.

How to Disable Android Talk Back Mode Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Make sure to use TWO fingers (slightly separated as before) and swipe down from the top to open the Notification tray.

Step 2: Then, touch the "Settings" symbol once, then double-tap it to open it up.

Step 3: Use two fingers to scroll down to "Accessibility" and press it once, then double-tap to open.

Step 4: Then, press once on "TalkBack" and double-tap it.
And once on the "On/Off" switch, and double-tap.

Step 5: Then do the same for "OK" and you should be good to go.
Quite a pain, I know.

You Have Done.


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