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January 17, 2015

How to Renaming/Change App Name HelloCordova/HelloAndroid/HelloIonic in an Ionic App

The Ionic Framework is a powerful and developer friendly framework for building Mobile Apps with Cordova PhoneGap. The combination of AngularJS and a component rich library makes development so much easier and faster.

Here's how to change Application Name in Ionic App:
Go to: C:\Users\Pacific\HelloAndroid\platforms\android\res\xml
At the root of your App directory open up the config.xml file. Locate the <name></name> tag pair towards the top of the file and change the content of HelloCordova/HelloAndroid/HelloIonic to the name of your App.
Save your changes and close the file.

Now Open Command line:
type: ionic build android
Depending on the speed of your computer this may take up to a couple of minutes.
Problem solved!


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