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January 18, 2015

How to Add Icons to Your Ionic Framework Apps

Adding Icons to Your Ionic  Apps is So easy and Simple

Follow the Steps:
1. Go to apps res directory:


2. Open all the folders one by one and replace the icon/image of cordova app icon by your Apps icon with the same size.
- C:\Users\Pacific\HelloAndroid\platforms\android\res\drawable
- C:\Users\Pacific\HelloAndroid\platforms\android\res\drawable-hdpi
- C:\Users\Pacific\HelloAndroid\platforms\android\res\drawable-land-hdpi
- C:\Users\Pacific\HelloAndroid\platforms\android\res\drawable-ldpi
- C:\Users\Pacific\HelloAndroid\platforms\android\res\drawable-mdpi
- C:\Users\Pacific\HelloAndroid\platforms\android\res\drawable-xhdpi..............

3. Then build your Application

Now it work Successfully 


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