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August 4, 2014

How to Update Offline Procedure for Kaspersky 2015

1.  After Installation & Activation, inside the Kaspersky DVD,
find “Kaspersky Offline Update …[date]…”   folder and Copy it to C:\ drive of your computer 

2.  Disconnect the Internet connection and Open Kaspersky window from taskbar or   Start      Menu 
3.  Click on Settings > Additional > Update Settings > Select Update Source > Add 

4.  Select the Offline Update folder named     “Kaspersky Offline Update …[date]…”   from C:\ drive and click OK 

5.  In the list, Right-click on Kaspersky Lab Update Servers > Disable > Close 

6.  Then, Close the Kaspersky window and Open it again  

7.  Click, Update button > Run Update  

8.  After completing 100%, as per step no. 3, follow up to Select Update Source to change Update Source back to original state.

9.  In the list,Right-click Kaspersky Lab Update Servers > Enable 

10. In the list, Right-click C:\Kaspersky Offline Update …[date]… > Remove

11. Close all the Kaspersky windows and connect to the Internet  

12. Once again, open Kaspersky window > Update > Run Update 
(This will receive the latest update from Kaspersky Lab Servers - Online)  

Offline update is only for the First-time Update.
Later, you shall update - Online automatically for better performance.

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