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July 29, 2015

What's New in Microsoft Windows 10

Best New Coolest Features in Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to keep some of the touch and tablet features it created for Windows 8, combine them with the familiar Start menu and desktop, and run it all on top of an improved operating system with more security, a new browser, the Cortana assistant, its own version of Office for on-the-go editing and plenty of new features intended to make life simpler.

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Of course, that also means it's very different to use, whether you come from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows XP. You have to look in a new place even to turn your PC off.

1. It's free

One of the biggest new developments in the Windows 10 story is that it will be completely free to upgrade. Microsoft made this announcement at its January event in Redmond. The firm has said it will be available at no charge for the first year (although it may end up extending that) for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users. It will also be free if you're still running Windows 7.

2. The Start button is back
For years, the first thing people saw when they booted their PCs was the humble Windows Start button. But the little guy was nixed from Windows 8 in favor of the Start screen. 

Best New Coolest Features in Windows 10

With Windows 10, however, Microsoft is bringing back the Start button. You can finally see all of your programs nested in its menus, and shutting down is once again an easy click away.
What’s more, Windows 10 lets you add some of those nifty Windows 8 app tiles to the Start menu. It’s the best of both worlds.

3. Continuum mode

Microsoft hasn’t completely axed the Start screen interface, though. It will still be available to people who own 2-in-1 laptop-tablet hybrid computers.

4. Virtual Desktop

For enterprise and power users, Microsoft has added the virtual desktops feature in Windows 10. Virtual desktops let you switch between many desktops as per your convenience. It is already present via third-party Windows tools, but will come built-in in the new Windows 10 OS. It should be noted that Apple’s OS X, and many Linux distros already come with support for virtual desktops. 

5. Universal apps

The news of Universal apps is good news for anyone using more than one Windows device. A bundle of apps including Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People & Messaging and Mail & Calendar (and presumably more in the future) will look and feel the same across different devices and screen sizes. The data will also be saved and sync automatically via OneDrive.

6. Easy shut down

A small, but extremely essential feature Windows 8 users have been waiting is easy shut down. In Windows 8, users had to navigate through Charms, log off, and then shut down the computer. Now, Microsoft takes us back to the pre-Windows 8 era by introducing an easy shut down. Now, you can simply press Alt+F4 while viewing the desktop and choose from options including shut down from the drop menu.


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