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July 15, 2015

Top 5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives of 2015

Here are some of the top 5 best Google Adsense Alternatives you can try to monetize your website without using Google Adsense, and I’ll tell you how they work and why you should consider them, so let’s start:
Top 5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives of 2015
1. Revenue Hits  

I recently discovered Revenue Hits and it looks like a great contender. I signed up and was quickly contacted by a manager to see how their ad platform for publishers work and they have a ton of features to make money. Revenue hits is a Performance Ad network, which means they pay you for results (CPA which is great for many niches), however, they have CPM and CPC models too. Revenue hits has an interesting platform that learns from your Ads so if you give them a try make sure to keep their ads running for 2-4 days to get the best results. Another great thing is that they have different monetization channels available. You can create banner ads, sliders, pop -unders, buttons and more. Revenue Hits pays on a NET 30 basis and they issue payments via wire, Paypal and Payoneer! Create your account and get started in just a few minutes 

2. Amazon Associates

You’ve definitely heard of Amazon as a great online superstore where you can spend money on great deals. But Amazon can also help you make money! They have the Amazon Associates Program which you can use as alternative to AdSense.

Amazon has a vast variety of products and if any of these products are relevant to your blogging niche, you can advertise Amazon products on your website. If your visitors buy any product through ads on your website, you’ll get a commission from this sale.

For example, if you advertise a latest gadget worth $500, and if your visitor buys one from Amazon, you’ll receive a commission ranging from $25 to $50. Amazon pays you different percentage of commission for different types of products. For example, for books they give you 10% share and for electronic items you get 5% commission.

3. Buy Sell Ads

Buy sell Ads this is one of the best Alternatives to Google Adsense
Once you Submit your website to Buysellads it will automatically take your blog stats which will inlude Page Rank, Alexa etc.

Best way to et approved for Buysell ads is your website must have a very decent Traffic and as soon your site gets approved you can set up ads on your blog for Buysell ads and rest advertisers will bid. Once ads are sold then you will see option to accept or reject the ads.

Best way is to accept the adswhich will be relevant to your niche and please dont accept spammy posts like free download and all and once you accept the ads it will show your website and money which will be credited to your account.

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is a Pay per click advertisement network that allows you to make money through your blog based on specific keywords. Infolinks indexes your pages and automatically add some hiperlinks in your text. Of course, since this isn’t a CPM program, it might take you a while to start earning a regular passive income through it, but it’s still an alternative to Adsense. They can pay you via Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check Western Union, ACH and Payoneer and there’s an initial limit of $50. Infolinks is great for big websites and it works in English, Spanish, French and German websites.

5. Chitika

Founded by Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario in 2003, Chitika ad network is pretty much like Google AdSense. Just like AdSense, it serves contextual ads (i.e. the ads related to the content of your website). Chitika has a good enough reporting system to let you know how much you’ve earned.

Unlike Google AdSense, where minimum payout is $100, Chitika can pay you when you have just $10 in your kitty. Minimum payout is $10 if you’re accepting payment through PayPal. If you will choose to receive money through cheques, however, the minimum payout is $50. Chitika works on NET 30 terms.

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  1. Everyone seems to be talking about Revenue Hits :-) One thing you must have encountered, getting approved in BuySellAds is a tough thing but once approved it serves as a good earner :-)

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