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July 21, 2015

How to Connect Mobile Internet on PC or Laptop

Practically all smartphones can tether, sharing their data connection with your other devices. You can do this over Wi-Fi, a USB cable, or Bluetooth — if your carrier lets you. You might have to pay extra.

You should be able to tether with your phone if it’s a smartphone with a mobile data connection. This includes iPhones, Android phones, Windows phone, BlackBerries, Firefox phones, and almost anything else.

Method 1: Using USB Tethering

1. Connect my mobile to PC through USB Cable

2. Go to Settings

3. Wireless and networks

4. Select the Option Tethering and Portable Hots

5. Enable the USB tethering

Now your Mobile Internet is connect through PC

Method 2: Using Bluetooth Tethering

In the Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot screen, tap Bluetooth tethering. On your computer, open Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Devices and printers, right-click your phone’s icon and select connect Connect using > Access point.

Your phone should then display a notification that Bluetooth tethering is active.

Method 3: Using WiFi Hotspot

If you want to connect your smartphone to computer via Wi-Fi then your laptop and smartphone should have Wi-Fi enabled.If your computer or laptop doesn't have Wi-Fi enabled then you can also connect your smartphone to PC via USB method which is explained above.

1. Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Tethering and Portable Hotspot.
2. Tick the check-box called Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot or Mobile AP.

3. Now select Wi-Fi network name and password in your Mobile's Mobile AP Settings.
4. Turn ON your computer or laptop's Wi-Fi.
5. In your computer,Search for a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to internet using password that you will created in Mobile AP settings.

Now can use your smartphone internet connection on PC for free.


Happy Enjoy using net connection in System


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