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January 23, 2015

Top 10 Best and Useful free Android apps of 2015

1. Google Sky Map:
A stunning app that uses your phone's orientation tools to give you an accurate representation of the stars and planets on your screen. Point your phone at the sky, then learn what constellations are visible and if that's a UFO or just Venus. Google Sky Map even works indoors, if you're not keen on getting cold.

2. Facebook:
Love it or hate it, Facebook is one of the most installed apps in the world. Resource hungry, slow and buggy, there's still no living without the official Facebook app. As far as features go, none of the third-party options even come close to the official app.

3. DU Battery Saver:
The best apps for android is the DU Battery Saver app. This app helps in coordinating the background as well as running the various apps to save the juice and power of the battery.

4. MS Office Mobile:
Like the name suggests, this is a MS office application for Android phone users. Using this best android app, you can edit, access and view various MS office documents like MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc; on the Android phone. MS office is must have android apps 2015 for the students.

5. Facebook Messenger:
Of course, where Facebook goes, Facebook Messenger is soon to follow. If you want to chat on Facebook, you now have to do it via Facebook's Messenger app, as the chat function no longer exists in the official Facebook app.

6. Wikipedia Beta:
What's better than Wikipedia? Wikipedia Beta, that's what. Live life on the informational cutting edge with all the latest features the Wikipedia team has to offer. The biggest difference right now is the awesome new native design on Wikipedia Beta.

7. Dropbox:
Dropbox lets you expand your internal storage into a cloud based backup of everything that's important to you. Music, photos, files and more can be saved, accessed on all your devices and restored if you ever lose your phone.

8. BBC News:
While the BBC's Android iPlayer app is a bit on the disappointing side, the corporation's BBC News app is much more refined. There's a stylish grid-based front page, plus you're able to swipe from left to right to switch between stories in your chosen specialist category. A recent update also added a couple of Home screen widgets, too, plus the ability to submit your own news tips, as if the BBC was a small blog clamouring for content.

9. Adobe Reader:
Just like its name, this app helps you to read all kinds of PDF documents on the Android phone. It is also in the category of “Must Have Android Apps 2015″.

10. Clean Master:
Have you ever thought of an app that can speed up your phone and free the memory space? Then you need to check out the clean master app. This is one of the top android apps 2015. Not only this app protects the phone from various vulnerabilities and malicious applications, it also removes the unwanted and junk files, boost the speed of the CPU and can be easily used to remove apps. You can avoid using this best android apps in case if you have already installed the CM Security Applock and Antivirus, as both have the same functionality.

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