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January 16, 2015


1. Ionic:
Free and open source, Ionic offers a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS and JS components for building highly interactive apps. Built with Sass and optimized for AngularJS.

2. jQuery Mobile:
This is most commonly used mobile application HTML5 framework. But don’t let this fool you. It doesn’t mean it is the best solution, most of its publicity comes from it older brother jQuery.

3. Mobile Angular UI:
Mobile Angular UI is an HTML 5 framework which uses bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to create interactive mobile apps.
The main features of Mobile AngularUI include:
Bootstrap 3
Bootstrap 3 mobile components such as switches, overlays and sidebars which are missing in normal bootstrap.
AngularJS modules such as angular-route, angular-touch and angular-animate
Responsive media queries are stripped out of bootstrap as separate files, you only need to include what you need. Mobile Angular UI doesn’t have any jQuery dependencies, all you need are some AngularJS directives to create awesome mobile user experiences.

4. Phonegap:
PhoneGap is the odd one out in this list as it’s not a framework for creating an app, but for packaging and releasing an app. PhoneGap is based on the open source Cordova and is the commercial version owned byAdobe. With a dedicated support team, PhoneGap is popular amongst many mobile developers.
You can use any choice of JavaScript or UI frameworks to get started with PhoneGap. jQuery Mobile alongsideKnockOut.js or AngularJS is a nice combination. Once you are done with your code, PhoneGap takes it from there and wraps it based on the intended platform. Applications built using PhoneGap use a web view to render their content. PhoneGap has a minimal set of web APIs to access phone hardware features and it’s possible to write custom plugins to suit requirements.

5. Wink:
Another jQuery based framework. Unlike previous 4, this one is beautiful, supports MVVM and has its own support for server-side communication (.NET, PHP, and JAVA). Unfortunately, Kendo UI will cost you a few hundred dollars if you want to create a commercial application, it is free in any other case. Excellent template support, every and each template looks and feels like native OS.

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