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August 17, 2014

Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the world's largest online Ad Publishing network with more than 2 million publishers are earning nearly $7 billion from AdSense last year. Adsense uses CTR(Click Through Rate) method to increase and decrease Pay Per Click rates at a reasonable gradient for a specific site. It can pay you up to $5 per click but according to GEO location and CTR formula Google's verdict works out.  In addition Google restricts the approval process and brings some new requirements that's why even a single missing will cause to your account to be disapproved and it will repeat once Google's doesn't get further required amendments.

Today's of our regular guide we'd disclose some known and unknown facts that Google considers to have for a content based website to be approved with Google Adsense for Content. Let's go ahead and invent why your application gets disapproved for over multiple times you consecutively applied and how to amend your application and make fully Adsense approval.... 

1: Start Your Website With Top a Level Domain

Google adsense team requires each publisher to have at least a top level domain (.com, .net, .org) to get approved as Adsense for Content directly applying from Adsense's official page. Since you want to make money using Google adsense so you must have to build a platform (website, blog, forum or any html document where you will put adsense ads and grow revenue). We suggest you to buy a top level domain with cheapest price from a renowned domain provider company NameCheap. Currently NameCheap offers 1 year domain registration (Total $10.87 with ICANN Fee) far cheaper than GoDaddy's (Total $18.34 with ICANN Fee and other additional costs). 

2: Make a Website With Valuable Content & Good Looking

3: Write Consistent Posts With Proper Length of Words

4: Make Sure Your Site Includes No Miss Links, Adult Content and Copyrights

5: Incorporate Simple and SEO Optimized Site Design

6: Keep About Page, Contact Page, and Privacy Policy Page

7: Daily Page Views Is One of The Major Factors

8: Verify Authorship to Google Plus

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