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June 26, 2014

Top 10 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks in 2014


1. Google AdSense
No list of this type would be complete without mentioning the Google Ad network (The Undisputed King of PPC Ad networks or easily the best ad network). For bloggers and other website owners, the place to go is Google AdSense. One of the main benefits of AdSense is that Google works with millions of advertisers (it’s Google’s main source of income) and this makes it more likely that they can deliver ads that are both relevant and high quality which in turns leads to a higher CTR and more money for you. As the website owner, you can control just what types of ads appear on pages of your site. You’ll have access to reports and metrics which can show just how effective your website is working for you. It’s very easy to use, and there are no signup fee involved. If, you already use Adsense, read some testing and optimization tips to increase your Adsense earnings. You’ll get to display ads that are associated with the interests of your visitors, and you get paid depending on the number of visitors who click on the ads on your site. You can also put in a custom search bars on your site, and earn money from the ads that appear on the search results page. You just need to have sufficient ad space and decide where the ads should go. Advertisers then participate in a real time auction to appear in your ad spaces and the highest paying ads then appear on your reserved ad spaces. This video shows you how the auction works. A lot of people make money from Adsense, so what’s the catch? If Google AdSense is so good, why doesn’t everyone use it? The simple reason why- not everyone uses Adsense is that not everyone is approved to join the network. You have to be approved, and that means you have to comply with all the conditions Google has laid out. For example, if the primary language you use in your ad is not among their list of supported languages, then you’re out of luck.

PPC ad networks are pretty much proven models that can provide profits for webmasters who publish ads using them. It also serves as an income stream to a lot of blogs and websites which feature these CPC ads. But which CPC/PPC ad network should you join? or which one is the top ppc ad network? Picking one can be somewhat difficult, since in one network directory you can find at least a hundred PPC ad networks listed. So, here we have for you, the 12 Top Ad Networks (PPC).

Before we start, we’d like to let you know that rating them can be a problem, but there are ways in which you can determine which one is best for your Internet marketing needs. You’ll have to be somewhat familiar with the web analytics tools to see if your ad monetization strategy is working, and that can get a bit frustrating for average webmaster. One of the more obvious ways to see if a network is any good would be the traffic volume it generates. Just as important, you should find out about their ads’ conversion rate. Finally, there’s also the average click pricing to consider. The basic question is: which PPC ad network will make you the most money or which one is the best ad network? The blog you put up may have idealistic goals such as informing people of what they need to know, but maintaining a website costs money. That means at the very least you need to make some money to cover your expenses. With the following ad networks, you’ll get the best possible odds of making money off ads. There’s no such thing as a sure thing, but you may as well arm yourself with the most promising ad network candidates:

Many former AdSense members have also been suspended because they’ve been accused of click fraud. Of course, being accused is not the same as being guilty, but Google is both your accuser and judge. If they say they’re suspending your account, there’s not much you can do. You can appeal, but since you’re also appealing to Google… well, you get the idea. So make sure your never completely dependent on it. So despite the Google monolith, there’s space for ad network alternatives out there.

2. Media Net
This is the Yahoo-Bing ad network and this PPC ad network pretty much gives you an idea of just how dominant Google’s PPC ad network is. Internet giants like Yahoo and Microsoft actually had to combine their efforts and resources in order to offer a viable ad network alternative to AdSense. Media Net gives you relevant ads, and you also have tools to track your performance in real time. You can control how the ads look so that they fit right in with your color palette, and you can filter advertisers and block ad topics. While the number of advertisers can actually compare to Google’s, the conditions for being approved may actually be more difficult for many international bloggers. Aside from the usual conditions such as having high quality traffic and content, your site’s visitors should mostly come from the US, Canada, or the UK. You’re also required to use English as your site’s primary language.

Infolink is based on the text ads and CPC ads. this is one of the best alternative if you get the best traffic from the Search Engine. The main thing is it accepts the Traffic from the Social sites earn money. This ad network is very intelligent because it put the text ads under the important keyword which makes the viewers to click on it or view on it. It is the one of the best alternative for the CPC and PPC ad networks.

4. Bidvertiser
While not quite as well-known as the first two, Bidvertiser does have some benefits especially if you’ve been banned from AdSense for some reason. If you have a website and you want to join, there are the usual conditions such as not allowing adult sites as well as those sites that sell illegal drugs and those with too much profanity and hate speech. You can’t join if your website is under construction, or if your site already has too much advertising to begin with. However, many have commented that the approval process is quick and easy because there seems to be no requirement regarding traffic volume and language used. There’s an easy installation with an HTML code to be added to your webpages, and you can easily change the appearance of the ads. The payout may not be as high per click, but you earn money not just on clicks but on conversions as well. Conversions are when the clicking visitor goes to the advertiser’s website and actually makes a purchase. There are still problems, though. If you are focused on a small niche, then the ads that appear may not be all that relevant to your site. And the reporting is not quite as detailed as they ought to be; you don’t get a lot of info regarding impressions or click through rates.

5. Clicksor Ad Network
This is one of the best alternative for the Google Adsense,, Infolinks and Chitika Ad networks. Clicksor is one of the best Advertising company and it Provides the in-text ads and the Banner Ads which helps you to increase the earning and make you the rich in few years. Clicksor is Based on the Bid based will makes you earn money from the online and get some profit through the online. It is completely based on the CPM and CPC ads type. But It offers less CPC as compared to the above ad networks. If you become a premium publisher then you will earn money in bigger manner.

6. Chitika Ad Network
It is one of the CPC based ad networks. It provides the Mobile Ads and Local Ads. But one thing it will not provide you the money from the social traffic. If the Traffic comes from the Search Engine then only it provides the money to you. Then you will Earn money from the clicks. Chitika offers the low CPC as compared to the Google Adsense and the Ads. Chitika can work with the Adsense and Media. net advertising companies.

7. Vibrant Media
This is one of the more well-known PPC ad networks right now, and their premium brand advertisers can be seen in a lot of popular high traffic sites. Their PPC rates are among the highest in the industry, but the catch is that they just don’t let any website join in the fun. They have to consider your site to be a premium site, and one of the conditions seems to be that you ought to get at least half a million page views each month. The usual publisher guidelines are also in play, so this means you can’t have anything to do with adult, gambling, drugs, profanity, hate speech, violence (you can’t even sell stun guns), or just about anything illegal. The types of ads Vibrant Media has are quite innovative, with 11 intext ad formats available to use. This includes expanding video boxes, multi-button videos and expandable flash. There’s also in-image advertising, which a lot of visitors find professional and unobtrusive. The ads are so effective that the click through rates can be 5 times higher than the ads generated by AdSense. They also look great on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. So if you are already successful in luring lots of visitors to your site, you can leverage that popularity by joining Vibrant Media and partnering with other premium advertisers.

8. Exit Junction

For many website owners, bounced traffic (when a visitor enters your site and takes just a single look before leaving) may be generally considered worthless. After all, they didn’t stay long enough to visit the other pages, and therefore they didn’t click on the ads on the site. But the appropriately named Exit Junction allows you to supplement your PPC advertising income by showing these visitors, ad they can click on so that you earn money. When you have Exit Junction installed, and your visitors click on the back button after seeing the landing page they don’t go straight back to the search engine page results they usually came from. Instead, they are taken to a list of sponsored results based on the keywords they typed. For those who decide to explore, their user experience is unaffected. The review and approval process to enter is very quick, and you don’t need to generate lots of traffic to be accepted. (That’s a relief if you have high bounce rates!) Installation is quite easy, and your income from Exit Junction doesn’t compete at all with the ads from other ad networks featured on your site. Since the visitor has effectively decided to leave your site when they see the ads, you don’t have a say on how the ads appear.

9. PocketCents

It’s a pretty straightforward ad network with fixed rates for PPC. For publishing websites, there’s no sign up or upfront costs, and there’s restrictions regarding page views per month. They earn money from plain-text, hybrid, banner, and video-advertisements. You may need some skills to set up the ads, but after the setup very little effort from you is required for maintenance. Payout is mainly through PayPal, with a $10 minimum payout. For webmasters in the United States, Canada, and in some European countries, there’s a check option as well. The fixed PPC rate scheme for Pocketcents goes like this: the ad network charges 25 cents per click for advertisers, and from that you get 15 cents as a publisher

10. Blogads

With a name like that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ad network focuses its efforts on helping blogs maximize their profits through PPC ads. If your blog discusses just about anything under the sun then advertisers may wait until you have at least half a million impressions per month before they start to advertise on your site. But if you focus on a very narrow niche (you’re all about werewolves or Chilean football players) then even 30k impressions per month may suffice. As a publisher, you control your own ad offerings and prices, so the income you generate is all up to you.


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